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Thermo King Parts

Thermo King Parts 

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Thermo King Parts

Thermo King offers the highest quality in durable maintenance items on the market today. All products have been carefully selected and designed to keep your Thermo King equipment operating efficiently and at full capacity. Thermo King products... there is a difference!

  • EMI Conversion Kits - This simple kit includes all you need to convert to the Extended Maintenance Interval (EMI) system.
  • Filters,Belts and Driers - Filtration and performance requirements of an over-the-road transport refrigeration unit unlike any other.
  • Lubricants and Coolants - The most advanced extended life lubricants and coolants you can find.

Replacement Parts

Thermo King Parts

Genuine Thermo King replacement parts beat the competition in side-by-side testing. Engineered to provide optimal performance and maximum life, Thermo King parts protect your investment and provide you peace of mind. Insist on Genuine Thermo King Parts!

Refrigeration Components

Thermo King Parts

Manufactured by Thermo King for Thermo King systems. All refrigeration components are designed for long life with maximum strength and support. Insist on genuine Thermo King products... there is a difference!

  • Electronic Throttling Valve - Exclusive to Thermo King transport refrigeration units.
  • Oil Collection Kit - No more guessing if the seal leakage is normal or requiring service.
  • Refrigeration Control Valves - Exclusively designed to provide optimum performance with Thermo King climate control equipment.
  • Speedy Clip System - A revolutionary system for quickly connecting refrigerant hoses and fittings on vehicle-powered truck refrigeration units and air conditioning systems.

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