ESPAR Hydronic 5


Hydronic 5 Overview & Specs

Quality engineered to provide a dependable means of heating,
the Espar Hydronic 4/5 is a diesel fired coolant heater
capable of between
Hydronic 4 - 1.6 kW to 4 kW/hr (5,500 to 13,700 BTU/hr).
Hydronic 5 - 2.4 kW to 5 kW/hr (8,200 to 17,100 BTU/hr).
This compact coolant heater offers an affordable heating
solution to many applications. The Hydronic 4/5 is ideal for
pre-heating the engines of trucks, cars, off-road equipment,
small trucks and boats. It features automatic heat regulation
while being fuel and power efficient. Since the heater runs on
fuel and 12 or 24 volt power, it is able to perform this completely
independently of the vehicle engine. The unit regulates
the coolant temperature between a low of 65°C (149°F)
and a high of 80°C (176°F) by automatically cycling the
The Hydronic 4/5 can be operated from the vehicle cab by an
on/off switch, a preselect timer or a combination of both.
A Flame sensor, temperature regulating sensor and overheat
sensor are among the safety features which makes the
Hydronic D4/D5 a safe and dependable heating system.

How an Espar HYDRONIC Coolant Heater works

As soon as the heater receives its starting pulse, the following processes are triggered by the central control unit:

* Automatic safety check.
* The glow plug is warmed up.
* The metering pump conveys fuel.
* The burner motor starts smoothly.
* The fan delivers combustion air.
* Fuel-air mixture ignites (flame formation).
* The hot combustion gases flow through the heat exchanger that delivers the heat to the coolant system of the vehicle's engine.
* The heater is controlled electronically and works - according to heat requirement - in several power stages.

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