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  Cost Impactful Innovation

Because we realize every new technology must provide our customers with the payback they expect…

New Fuel Filtration
What it Does
  • Removes Gross Contaminants from Fuel System
  • Reduces Fuel Issues
  • Increases Uptime
Test/TK Contracted Unit Data
  • Every 1400 Hours units statistically have fuel issues
  • Average Cost. $50 per
  • Up to $134 with prime/start
Conservative ROI
  • Based on 2000 Hr/Yr
  • Average Savings: $92 per unit/ per year
  • Over a 7 year life cycle: $920 per unit
New SR3 Controller
What it Does
  • Easy Thumb Drive Download
  • Reduces time
  • Easy access to unit data
Test/TK Contracted Unit Data
  •  Average savings of 20 min per unit
  •  2 Downloads per year=40 Min. per unit
Conservative ROI
  •  1 Download Per year
  • 20 minutes at $35 per hr
  • Average Savings: $12 per unit/per year
  • Over a 7 year life cycle: $84 per unit
New Evap Fan Design
What it Does
  • New design increases capacity of unit
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces power requirement of unit
Test/TK Contracted Unit Data
  •  Reduces power needed by 24%
  • Increases capacity by up to 4%
  • Reduces fuel by up to 7%
Conservative ROI
  •  Fuel $4 gallon/2000 hrs
  • 70% High Speed, 30% Low Speed
  • Average 5% fuel savings
  •  Average Savings: $400 per unit per year
  • Over a 7 year life cycle: $2800 per unit
New REB Communications
What it Does
  • Built in communications
  • Prepares the customer for future technologies
  • Provides Cellular, WIFI, PAN , Satellite
Test/TK Contracted Unit Data
  • Varies by customer
  • Allows easy upgrade to any communication technology
Conservative ROI
  • Hard to determine at this point
  • Preventive hardware cost of between $400 up $800 per unit
OptiSet Plus OPTION
What it Does
  • Provides faster pull down and recovery
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • OptiSet profiles to maximize the unit performance
Test/TK Contracted Unit Data
  • Up to 52% faster to set point
  • Up to 30% less fuel
  • Recovers quicker and gets unit to low speed quicker
Conservative ROI
  • Fuel $4 gallon/2000 hrs
  • Reduced High Speed from 70%30%
  •  $1280 per year/unit
  • Over a 7 year life cycle: $8960 per unit

Savings above are estimates only based on normal unit usage at 2000 hours per year and fuel estimated at $4.00 per gallon. Actual results may vary based on specific operating conditions.

Overview SB30 Series 130 Spec Sheet 230 Spec Sheet 330 Spec Sheet

Thermo King has recently introduced the 30 Series Trailer Refrigeration Unit Platform (SB-130 / SB-230 / SB-330). This platform replaces the SB+ Series Units (SB-110+ / SB-210+ / SB-310+)

Below are some highlights:

SR-3 Microprocessor Controller with USB
  • Enables high speed information exchange for downloading, flash loading & OptiSet+ profile loading
  • OptiSet Plus with FreshSet: allows up to 64 customizable preset cargo profiles selectable by cargo product name or temperature
  • Cycle Sentry Modulation
  • Cargo Watch data meets HACCP & NIST standards
  • Service Watch: Downloadable Temperature & Unit Operation Data
Enhanced Fuel Filtration (PreFilter)
  • Provide visual indication of fuel quality in system
  • Prevent inlet screen from plugging
  • Reduced fuel related expenses
  • Maintain 3000 hours between primary filter changes
  • NOTE: can be retrofitted on existing SR-2 units

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor (Optional)
  • Used with Fuel Combo & Triple Combo Status Lights
  • Must be used with the New 5 Micron filter to optimum performance
  • High Accuracy vs float style o Reduced out of fuel call outs
  • Improved fuel management o Improved theft notification
  • NOTE: USFLS requires existing tanks to be modified with 1.0” additional flange to fuel gauge mounting location

REB (Radio Expansion Board) (Optional) ready control board with industry leading technology; future proof
Integrated wireless communications capabilities including Cellular (GPRS), Wi-Fi, Zigbee (PAN ) & i-box for 3rd party systems ready

Enhanced Whisper™ Low Noise Technology
Reduces noise pollution & comply with noise ordinances

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