All NEW T Series

Thermo King NEW T Series

Thermo King has an all-new T-Series of temperature control units for straight trucks

The T-Series will be built at Thermo King plants in the United States, Ireland, and China. The new series eventually will replace all of the truck refrigeration units in Thermo King's current lineup.

Thermo King has made major improvements with the T-SeriesThe plastic exterior skin is durable; engine and compressor are more efficient; and our hybrid SmartPower option can reduce fuel consumption and engine emissions by 40% to 60%. Noise is reduced by up to 87% with the hybrid option.”

The T-Series was developed to provide improved performance and a lower lifecycle cost. Highlights of the new units, which have the latest state-of-the-art features and a sleek new design that allows for easy access for service, include:

  • A new TSR-2 controller with durable LED technology that helps ensure the correct parameters are set for every load, regardless of the language spoken by the driver.
  • A choice of the time-tested reciprocating compressor or the new scroll compressor which has added technology for improved reliability, higher capacity, and greater fuel efficiency.
  • Stationary or the optional over-the-road Hybrid SmartPower electric operation for fuel savings and zero emissions. The hybrid option is intended primarily for use
  • Enhanced Whisper technology for “the quietest Thermo King truck units ever.”

The T-Series is backed by the strongest warranty the company has ever offered.

Units available include the T-500R, T-600R, T-800R, and T-1000R with reciprocating compressors; T-600, T-800, T-1000, and T-800 Spectrum multi-temperature; and T-1000 Spectrum multi-temperature with new scroll compressor technology.

Contact us at (262) 835-9901 to find out more about the new T Series.

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