Introducing the New Tripac E

Introducing the New Tripac E from Thermo King.

New Tripac E

Eliminate unnecessary truck idling, keep drivers comfortable and save money.

The TriPac e is an electric, battery-based APU system solution capable of cooling and heating. Thermo King has taken the technology and expertise from the industry-leading TriPac APU system and applied that knowledge to the TriPac e system to meet anti-idle and anti-emissions regulations nationwide, including CARB requirements.

The simple HMI (Human Machine Interface) is the driver control module that is typically mounted in the bunk area. It is an easy-to-use control that allows the driver to select the desired function of the system.

  • No engine in system = no direct fuel consumption and low emissions
  • Offers superior run time compared to other battery systems
  • Easy to operate controller
  • No DPF requirements with CARB
  • Comply with anti-idle laws
  • The HMI (Human Machine Interface) – the simple in-cab controller
  • Truck cab cooling for driver comfort
  • Four 12 Vdc, 1150 CCA Thermo King NXT batteries
  • SCM (Smart Charger Module) technology – providing individual charging and discharging management for each battery
  • TK Monitor – allows downloads to computer for display of the dashboard, upgrade, system monitoring, and service tests. Helpful for faster diagnostics
  • Data Logger System – logs the system operating condition every five minutes, containing nearly 30 days of information.

Available Options

  • Inverter
  • Heater
  • High Output Heater
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Condenser Cover
  • Flush Mount Kits
  • Shore Power Converter


  • Engine: No engine needed.
  • Power Source: Battery Pack – Four 12 Vdc Thermo King NXT batteries for deep cycle use in the APU and starting. This is the primary source , Secondary source will be the OEM truck battery bank, Shore Power – Optional 115 Vac Power Converter can provide additional source of system power when plugged in
  • Evaporator Airflow: 270 ft³/min
  • Refrigerant: HFC R-134a
  • Compressor: Thermo King Air Conditioning Compressor
  • System Air Conditioning Capacity: ARI STD 310/380 – Standard for Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps for the rating conditions of 80F Box, 50% humidity, and 95F ambient., 7,200 BTU/hr
  • System Heating Capacity (Optional): Fuel-Fired bunk heater, 7,500 BTU/hr, 13,600 BTU/hr (high output)
  • Weight: (approximate): TriPace (including 4 batteries): 505 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Unit: Height: 27 in., Width: 20 in., Depth: 18 in.
  • Dimensions: Evaporator: Height: 16 in., Width: 22 in., Depth: 8 in.

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