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Units affected: Most units manufactured after January 1, 2003.

Determining Model Year for CARB Compliance
model year for CARB Compliance

Compliance Method and Recommendations

Engine: Retrofit TRU with a new engine   ***  Ideal solution to acheive compliance while
                                                                           reducing maintenance costs           

Electricity:Use electric standby to eliminate *** Appropriate for units originally equipped with
diesel engine operation at a facility                   electric standby, must equip facility with plugs
                                                                           for each unit

New Equipment: Purchase new equipment *** New units are EPA compliant. CARB regulations
                                                                           requires upgrades to units 7 or more years old

Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU or Reefer)
The Air Resources Board's (ARB) Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) remains in effect for TRUs operating in California, including the December 31, 2009, requirements for the first phase of TRUs (model year 2002 and older). 

  • Compliance is required by January 1, 2010 for 2001 and older engine model year
    transport refrigerations units
  •  Per CARB: Violators will be fined $1000 on the spot if caught out of CARB
    compliance and 60 days to prove compliance or penalties will be levied.
  • Thermo King offers a variety of options to help your business comply with
    CARB regulations, including new units and Tier 4i engine kits.



  • CARB-compliant
  • Lowest life cycle cost solution for CARB compliance
  • 2- year warranty on dealer-installed engines

CARB-Compliant Reman Engines for Carrier Trailer Applications

  • A cost-competitive alternative for your CARB compliance needs
  • Remanufactured with CARB-approved "match set"
    parts, resulting in a Tier II-compliant engine
  • Approved for use in California through 2014
  • 2-year warranty on dealer-installed engines
  • Backed by nationwide Thermo King dealer network


Thermo King Truck Units with SmartPower Electric Standy

  • An alternative strategy for complying with CARB Regulations
  • Use at facilities where 3 or more refrigerations units operate
  • Good option for truck fleets making deliveries to convenience stores & restuarants
  • See CARB regulations and FAQ for more information on electric standby
    record keeping and operation requirements
  • Contact us at (262) 835-9901 for more information on new truck refrigeration
    units with SmartPower Electric Standby.


Engines   engine_cat3.25.jpg

Designed to maximize the life of Thermo King units, engine products are offered with nationwide warranty coverage; that doubles when dealer installed, providing the best assurance the industry has to offer. Insist on genuine Thermo King products...there is a difference!


  • Engine Rebuild Kits - Thermo King's overhaul kits come neatly packaged in one convenient kit.
  • New Replacement Engines - Engineered specifically for Thermo King applications and backed by warranty.
  • Remanufactured Engines - Backed by the same industry leading warranty as a new engine at over 200 locations nationwide.
  • Retrofit Kits - Everything you need to upgrade your unit to a later-style engine in one convenient and easy-to-install kit.

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